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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining workstep presentation format : Defining workstep presentation for Business Processes : Defining Flow presentations : Using a Flow presentation
Using a Flow presentation
You can define an Activity workstep (in a Business Process) with Flow presentation type to start a Web application in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. As this workstep runs in a Web browser, the Web application it calls must be installed.
To define a Flow presentation for a workstep:
1. From the Properties view, click the General tab to view the Presentation section.
2. Click Add to open the Add Presentation dialog box.
3. Select Portal from the Type drop-down list.
4. Select the Flow option from the Form Type drop-down list.
5. Click the ellipsis button beside the Name text field to open the Add Dataslots dialog box.
6. You can modify the name of the default Flow interface in the Name box. The default name is the name of the current workstep followed by the *.BpmWebFlow extension.
The .BpmWebFlow extension indicates to the servlet that it should invoke the appropriate methods of the BPM WebFlow server to get the URL for the BPM WebFlow server and redirect the Web application to that page. The BPM WebFlow server implements a dispatcher that takes as input the Web application name and produces the URL of the Start workstep of the Web application.
7. Click OK to define the Flow presentation format for this workstep.