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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with User Management tool : Starting User Management tool

Starting User Management tool

You can start the User Management tool by clicking OpenEdge > Tools > Users.
The User Management tool consists of two panes. The left pane displays a tree consisting of the member node types namely Users, Groups, and Queues. You can define members, which then appear under the respective node type (see Managing nodes).
You can also search for members using the Search box in the left pane. Click the down-arrow provided and select either of the following options:
*Flat search: This search provides a flat list of all matching members, containing the search text.
*Tree search: This search displays the result in a tree structure, indicating the node type and if present, its position in the organization hierarchy.
The right pane displays by default, the Organization Chart Viewer initially with blank tree node. After adding users and groups, the viewer is automatically updated to display the organization hierarchy. Additionally, you can expand (and collapse) parts of the organization hierarchy, thus providing views at different detail levels.
The Organization Chart Viewer has the following features:
*Each expandable (or collapsible) node displays the group and the group leader (optional). The topmost node displays the organization name and the leader (optional). The title of the added user, if defined, is also displayed.
*You can double-click any node to view the user details.
*You cannot add (or remove) nodes directly from the Chart Viewer.
*Queues are not displayed in the Chart Viewer. The Chart Viewer only displays users and groups (including groups within a group).
To customize the Organization Chart Viewer:
1. In the Organization Name box (in the right pane), type the name of your organization.
2. To specify the organization leader, click the ellipsis button next to the Leader box, opening the Select User dialog box, which displays a list of defined users (as described in Managing users).
3. Click the user from the list, then click OK. You can also use the Search box to search for a user.
4. Click Apply to add the organization name and the leader name to the blank topmost node in the Organization Chart Viewer. The organization name is also displayed and represents the root node in the left pane of the User Management tool.
Note: Henceforth, you can click the root node at any point of time, to view the updated Organization Chart Viewer.