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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Subprocess worksteps : Specifying general properties of Subprocess workstep

Specifying general properties of Subprocess workstep

From the General tab of the Properties view:
1. Identify the workstep by entering a name in the Name box. The name of the workstep can only include only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_) character can be used.
2. When specifying the Performer in a Subprocess workstep, you must select a process to serve as the subprocess in the workstep. You can specify a process installed either on your local server or on a remote server.
To define a performer (that is, to select a process) for the Subprocess workstep, click the ellipsis button beside the Performer box to open the Performer dialog box.
a. All the subprocesses available in the process are listed in the Performer dialog box. If many subprocesses are listed, you can search the Subprocesses performer type using the Search box and any name containing that string is listed.
b. After selecting a subprocess, click OK, to return a process installed to the Subprocess Properties view. The subprocess is defined as the performer of the Subprocess workstep.
3. To define other general properties of a Subprocess workstep which are the same as those described for Activity worksteps, refer to Specifying general properties of Activity workstep.
Note: You can enter a description (optional) of the subprocess workstep in the Description tab. A description can be up to 4095 characters.