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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Introducing monitoring process : Simulating a monitoring process

Simulating a monitoring process

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the Simulation feature, which allows you to configure and execute simulation for Business Processes. For information regarding simulation, see Configuring and running simulation.
You can configure and run simulation for a monitoring process the same way you simulate any other process in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. You need to remember the following points for optimum performer utilization in a simulation run for a monitoring process:
*The Simulation project considers a separate individual performer for each external activity workstep. For example, if your monitoring process contains four external activity worksteps, simulation considers four separate individual performers, each listed as “Performer of <external_activity_workstep_name>” in the list of performers.
*There may be cases of multiple external activity worksteps, being performed by the same external user. In such cases, the implementation (in the previous bulleted point) will not indicate the accurate performer utilization.To resolve this issue, you need to enter the same performer name as the default performer in each workstep.