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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Rollbase Integration

Rollbase Integration

You can now use Rollbase as a presentation type similar to using BPM forms to ensure that BPM forms can be displayed in Rollbase which includes completing the task and other actions. Using this feature, users can export BPM process data as an OpenEdge service object and import it into Rollbase. This is done using the feature, Generate JSDO catalog from a BPM process from within the BPM Studio. Once the JSDO object is created, you can use it as a Rollbase object similar to Creating Page, Enable Workflow etc. For more information, refer to Rollbase Documentation.
This chapter explains the process that you need to follow to integrate OE BPM and Rollbase.
The following are the prerequisites:
*Rollbase 3.1 or above(On Premise) should be installed on your machine
*SPA and SSO should be enabled for BP Server
* Rollbase as a presentation type for OE BPM