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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with Business Calendar : Using the Business Calendar tool : Managing schedules

Managing schedules

You can create customized working schedules, which are independent of calendars. You can then apply a schedule to a single day, or a sequence of days, or even to all the days of the year. You can also apply a schedule to multiple calendars.
To define a schedule:
1. Click a single day of your calendar, or drag across consecutive days, opening the Select Schedule dialog box, using which you can define (or select) a schedule.
2. Click the Add () icon to add a schedule (example, “Schedule1”) to the Schedule drop-down list.
Note: Each added schedule (Schedule1, Schedule2, and so on) contains the original settings of the default schedule. Any changes made to the default schedule are not reflected when you add a schedule.
3. Enter a description for the schedule (example, “Recruitment Schedule”) in the Description box.
Note: You can rename the schedule by clicking the Rename () icon, to open the Schedule name dialog box, where you can enter the modified name. To delete a schedule, click the Remove () icon. You cannot rename nor delete the default schedule.
4. From the Workdays section, select (or clear) the appropriate checkboxes for the work days in this schedule. For the default schedule, Monday to Friday are marked as working days, with Saturday and Sunday designated as non-working days.
To create a schedule for company holidays, clear all the checkboxes in the Workdays section.
5. The Workhours section displays two time segments namely, AM and PM. For the default schedule, the work-hours are 8-12 (in the AM segment) and 1-5 (in the PM segment). To manage work-hours:
*Use the slider along the starting and ending time of each segment to change the default work-hours.
*You can remove a work-hour segment by right-clicking on it, then clicking Remove.
*You can also insert additional work-hour segments, by right-clicking a blank portion of the Workhours section, then clicking Insert.
The work-hours that you set is applied to all the working days selected in the Workdays section.
6. You can set different work-hours for single (or multiple) working days in the Exceptions tab.
a. Select the checkbox for the working day whose work-hours you want to modify.
b. Modify the work-hours, as described in Step 5.
7. Click OK to create and apply the schedule to the selected days of your calendar.
The selected days are highlighted by a color, which is unique and randomly selected for each customized schedule. Move your pointer over any highlighted day to view the name of the customized schedule.