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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with Business Calendar : Using the Business Calendar tool : Managing calendars

Managing calendars

You can perform the following operations to manage calendars.
*To add a calendar, click the Add icon () from the Calendar tool, to add a calendar (example, “Calendar1”) to the Calendar drop-down list.
Note: Each added calendar (Calendar1, Calendar2, and so on) is a copy of the configuration set in the working schedule of the default calendar.
*To rename the added calendar, click the Rename icon (), opening the Calendar name dialog box.
1. Type the modified name of the calendar.
2. Click OK to rename the calendar.
*To delete a calendar, select the calendar in the Calendar drop-down list, then click the Remove () icon. The Business Calendar tool prompts you for confirmation. Click OK to remove the selected calendar.
Note: You cannot rename nor delete the default calendar.