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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Introduction to Progress OpenEdge BPM Designer

Introduction to Progress OpenEdge BPM Designer

This chapter introduces OpenEdge BPM Designer in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (henceforth also referred to as BPM Designer or Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge), which enables you to develop process templates and publish them as Business Process Server applications, without exiting the development environment.
BPM Designer uses the Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a comprehensive cross-platform environment which provides stable, universal platform for application development. This open, scalable, and standards-based development environment reduces the time spent in application development and supports a user’s choice of version control system and application server. The current version of BPM Designer is based on the Eclipse Foundation SDK (version 3.6.0) integrated development environment.
BPM Designer enables you to integrate the various files contained in a typical project, and to develop an entire project within a single development environment. After developing your project, use the Publish wizard to install it on the Business Process Server, to provide a connection with Web services and other Business Process Server users.
Note: Progress Software Corporation also provides the Business Process Modeler, a more basic version of Progress BPM Designer. For more information, see the Business Process Modeler User’s Guide.
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