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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Developing BPM projects : Generating OpenEdge JSDO Catalog

Generating OpenEdge JSDO Catalog

You can now generate an OpenEdge JSDO catalog from the Project pane. This OpenEdge JSDO catalog then facilitates the Rollbase Developers to create application objects in Rollbase. The JSDO Catalog feature currently supports only primitive dataslots.
To generate an OpenEdge JSDO Catalog:
1. In the Project pane, right click on the project module that you want to generate a JSDO catalog for.
2. Select Progress OpenEdge > Generate OpenEdge JSDO Catalog.
The Generate OpenEdge JSDO Catalog -Select Location dialog box opens.
3. Select the location where you want to save the OpenEdge JSDO Catalog and click OK.
A .json file is created in the selected location. For more information, refer to Rollbase documentation.
For JSDO Catalog dataslots validations, see Validating dataslots using semantic annotations.
* Validating dataslots using semantic annotations