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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing business objects : Using the Business Object Manager : Generating business objects

Generating business objects

You can use Business Object Manager tool to generate business objects, in order to use the business objects as Business Object dataslots in your process template (see For a Business Object dataslot).
To generate a business object:
1. Create a Common Resources project (in this example, BizObjects) in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information, see Using common resources.
2. Select the BizObjects common resource project that now appears in the Project Explorer. From the Tools menu, click Business Objects.
3. From the Business Object Manager dialog box, select the business object you want to generate, then click Generate.
A message appears, indicating that a java file was generated.
4. To check that the business object was generated correctly, select the BizObjects common resource in the Project Explorer view and from File menu, click Refresh. Expand the Business Objects folder under the BizObjects common resource, then expand the category to display the java file (with the same name as the business object) and all its attributes.
5. Publish the Common Resource project to compile the business objects to the Business Process Server. For information regarding publishing, see Publishing an application .