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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Performing additional operations : Generating 360 degree view

Generating 360 degree view

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides the 360o view, which is a multi-layered Chart view of the current process template diagram. You can generate the 360o view especially for complex process templates, which consist of multiple activity (and adapter) worksteps and complex workstep traversal paths.
To generate the 360o view:
1. From the palette (see Using the palette), click the Show 360o View () icon to launch the 360o View of the current project.
Alternatively, you can open the 360o view of the current project by right-clicking the name of the current project (SPT or SWT) file in the Project Explorer, then clicking Open With > 360o View option.
The 360o view diagram consists of color-coded sections, each representing a workstep. Each section displays the label of the workstep along with the estimated time (in days, hours, and minutes) when the workstep will be activated. The estimated time is calculated from the beginning of the process. If the process includes multiple paths, each path is depicted as a sub-section in the chart.
Note: The estimated start time of each workstep can be calculated only when the duration of the preceding worksteps are set in absolute values (in days, hours, minutes, or seconds). The estimated start time cannot be calculated when workstep duration is bound to a INTEGER dataslot. For setting workstep duration, you can use the Overdue in box in the General tab of the Activity workstep's Properties view (as discussed in Specifying general properties of Activity workstep).
The 360o view displays each workstep type with the following color code.
Table 19. 360o view color code
Workstep Type
Activity (including external activity and adapter worksteps for a monitoring process)
Start / End / Gateways
Inline Subprocess
You can perform the following operations in the 360o view.
Table 20. 360o view operations
Do this
Pan the diagram
Drag your mouse.
Zoom in (or out) on the diagram OR view all workstep labels.
Use your mouse scroll wheel.
Rotate the diagram around its center point.
Drag your mouse with the right button.
Open the subprocess in the 360o view.
Click the subprocess workstep section. For additional information, see Opening a subprocess.
Calculate a traversal path duration.
Move your mouse over the diagram to highlight the selected path. The estimated duration of the selected path is displayed in the Path Length box.
The 360o view also includes the following icons:
*Show/Hide Loops () icon - For any process containing loops, the default 360o view does not include the worksteps encountered after a loop is executed. You can click this icon to display these worksteps in semi-transparent state. In this case, the worksteps gradually progress with fading color.
*Timeline View () icon - Click this icon to switch to the Timeline view, which displays the thickness of each workstep corresponding to the time it is likely to take to complete.
The worksteps in the Timeline view with increased thickness require more time to execute. As Activity worksteps are performed by humans and are likely to take the maximum time to complete as compared to the other workstep types, the Timeline view shows Activity worksteps with higher degree of thickness. You can zoom in on the diagram to view the other workstep types in detail.
Note: You must click the individual icons again to return to the previous view.
* Opening a subprocess