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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining link properties : For Web applications

For Web applications

To define the properties of a link from an Activity workstep in Web applications:
1. Click the link to view its properties in the Properties view.
2. Assign a name to the link in the Name box and enter the label in the Label box.
3. BPM Designer supports three types of link for Web applications namely, Submit button, Hyperlink, and Image. Select the link type from the Type list.
*Select the Submit button option to display a Submit button on the interface page. Data is passed on from this interface page to the next interface page. Enter text in the Label box to be displayed as the name of the button, replacing the default Submit label for the button.
Note: For detailed information about creating multiple submit buttons out of a workstep, see Creating multiple command buttons in web applications.
*Select the Hyperlink option to create a line of text on the interface page that functions as a hyperlink. The hyperlink connection is displayed as a dotted line (). In the Label box, enter the hypertext label that you want to appear on the image or text link seen on the workstep interface page in your browser. You can also open the dialog box in your browser to add a brief description that will appear when you move the mouse over the image.
*Select the Image option to create an image link on the interface page. In the Label box, enter the hypertext label to be displayed on the image or text link seen on the workstep interface page in your browser. Specify the image file name to appear on the workstep interface in the Image box. Store application images under the Workspace_Home\<ProjectName>\<ProcessName> \images folder for a single application or under the Workspace_Home\common\images folder for shared images for multiple applications. For images stored outside the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge installation directories (for example, in a Web server folder), specify the full URL in the Image box. Select the Submit checkbox, to ensure that information from dataslots on the current interface page is passed on the next interface page. If the Submit checkbox is cleared, no data is passed on to the next interface page and the link in the process template diagram is displayed as a dashed line, not a solid line.
You can enter a description (optional) for the connector in the Description tab. A description can be upto 4095 characters.
When using links in Web applications, please note that:
*You must select the Submit checkbox for Image types of connectors in order to pass on data to the next page.
*Activity worksteps that includes output dataslots can use a link of the link type. Image type links can be used only if the Submit checkbox is selected. Activity worksteps without output dataslots must contain connectors of the Image type, or a connector type with a value.
*Selecting Submit button as the link type for an Activity workstep automatically creates a Submit button in the application interface. You can override the default “Submit” label by entering a label name in the Label box of the Properties view for the link.