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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining link properties : For Business Processes

For Business Processes

You can now assign a condition to a link in the process template diagram.In previous releases, you could assign a condition only to a link from a Decision gateway. Once you assign a condition to a link that does not have a Decision as a predecessor workstep, the link becomes the equivalent of a Decision gateway.
To define the properties of a standard link in Business Processes:
1. Click the link to view its properties in the Properties view.
2. Assign a name to the link in the Name box, and add a label in the Label box of the General tab.
3. To assign a condition to the link, clear the Default checkbox to view the Basic and Advanced settings. By default, the Basic setting is displayed. For information on Advanced settings, see Step 5 below.
4. Use the features of the Basic setting to build an expression based on existing conditions.
a. Select a dataslot from the drop-down list on the left (the Basic mode only includes CHARACTER, INTEGER, INT64, LOGICAL, and DATETIMETZ dataslot types; the Advanced mode includes all data types). Select an operator from the adjacent drop-down list. Operator values change, depending on the dataslot type: For example, a CHARACTER dataslot displays more options than a INTEGER dataslot.
If you want to evaluate a Null value for a CHARACTER dataslot, you only need to select ‘is null’ from the Operator drop-down list.
b. Select a dataslot from the drop-down list on the right, or select Enter value option to open the Enter Value dialog box, in which you can enter a static value.
c. Click to add another condition, enabling the And/Or operand.
d. Select And or Or and add as many conditional expressions as required.
e. To remove a conditional expression, click .
5. To configure the condition using Advanced settings, select Advanced option to view a list of dataslots and a Condition text area wherein you can build more complex expressions or to cut and paste expression that have been defined elsewhere.
Note: For a business object dataslot in your process, type the name of the dataslot (for example, bods1.) to view all the attributes of the associated business object, or you can select any of the listed attributes.
When defining link's condition, please note that:
*You can enter or paste an expression in the Condition text area, or drag a dataslot from the Dataslot list to add it to the advanced condition.
*When you add an expression in the Advanced setting, it overwrites all expressions which you created in the Basic setting. Click Validate to verify if the expression is valid.
*Click Basic option to delete the expressions in the Advanced setting and to return to the Basic setting.
Note: You can enter a description (optional) for the link in the Description tab. A description can be upto 4095 characters.