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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Performing additional operations : Exporting the process template

Exporting the process template

You can export the process template in the following formats:
*Web Page (HTML)
*SVG image
*JPEG image
*XPDL file
*Microsoft Project file
*Process Summary in PDF or MS Excel format
You can even export large process template diagrams as a single file.
Note: You can use the Export page of the Preferences dialog box to change the default width and height of the JPG image. For details, see Using the Export page.
To save the process template’s file and export it in a supported format:
1. Open the process template that you want to export.
2. From the palette (see Using the palette, click the Export () icon.
The Tasks pane displays the Export Tasks panel which includes the following links.
Table 21. Links
Save as a single JPEG image
To export the process as a JPG image.
Generate a Web page
To export the process as an HTML web page.
Save as a SVG image
To export the process as a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image.
Generate XPDL
To export the process as an XPDL file. You can use the exported XPDL file as template for creating a new process.
Generate Microsoft Project file
To export the process as a MS Project file (*.mpx). You can use the exported MPX file as template for creating a new Business Process project or Web application. For more information, see Creating a Business Process and Creating a Web application.
Note: The process, which uses an exported MPX file, does not support these process template elements: And, Or-Join, Exclusive Or-Join, Timeout and Compensation flow connectors, Swim lanes, phases, managed adapters, and External Activity (and External Adapter).
Save as Process Summary
To generate a process summary of the current process in PDF and MS Excel formats. For more information, see Generating a process summary.
3. Click the appropriate link, to open the Export dialog box. If your process template file size is very large, use the HTML or SVG format.
4. Navigate to the folder location to which you to export the file. Click Save to export the file in the selected format.
5. To close the Export Tasks panel, click the Exit export link.
* Generating a process summary