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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with Graphical Event Logic tool : Exploring the GEL tool

Exploring the GEL tool

This section describes the commonly-used user interface elements of the GEL tool. You can access the GEL tool from the Logic tab in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge interface.
The following table describes the commonly-used elements in the GEL tool interface.
Table 58. GEL Editor Components
Contains icons providing shortcuts to the following commonly used functions:
*Expand all () icon, to display the details of all added actions.
*Collapse all () icon, to hide the details and only display the list of actions.
*Show only functions for selection () icon, to filter the list of displayed actions based on the process template element you select in the Diagram content pane tab. To activate this function, select this icon and click the element (for example, "Activity1") in the Diagram tab. The Logic tab displays only those actions defined for "Activity1" workstep.
*The Search box, which can be used to search the action name. Type the text to be searched in the Search box.
Main pane
Displays the list of events added for all process template elements. You can configure events for multiple elements. To configure an event, drag any expression action from the Expressions pane to the added event.
For each listed event, you can click the View/Change info () icon to enter information about the event (for example, "This block contains actions that are performed before the activation of Activity1 workstep."). You can enter your customized text in the Information dialog box that appears. Alternatively, you can open the Information dialog box by right-clicking the event header and selecting the View/Change info option. Similarly, you can enter information for each action that you drag to the added event. For more information, see Adding information to action blocks.
Palette pane
Displays the list of available GEL actions that you can drag to a defined event. The set of available GEL actions in the Palette pane varies for a BPM project (as discussed in GEL Actions in BPM projects).
You can also create custom GEL actions and include the same in the Palette pane, as discussed in Customizing GEL Actions.