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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing gestures : Creating custom gestures : Using the Gesture Editor : Designing gestures
Designing gestures
To design a gesture in the Gesture Editor:
1. From the Actions pane, select the action for which you want to design the gesture.
2. Modify, if required, the default text in the Label and Description boxes to provide additional information for the gesture. You can enter a static label or description; for instance, “End” for label and “Adds an End workstep” for description.
BPM Designer converts any value starting with the “$” sign with the corresponding string in the localization file (example,
3. In the drawing area provided, drag your mouse to draw the gesture icon to be used for the corresponding action. To accept the drawn shape and clear the drawing area, click Accept. To discard the drawn shape, simply click in the drawing area.
4. After you click Accept, the drawn shape is displayed as a gesture in the Gestures pane. To remove the added gesture from the Gestures pane, select the gesture to be deleted and click Discard.
Depending on the complexity of the action, create multiple gesture samples. For simpler actions, two to three gesture samples are adequate. For complex actions, you need to create more samples.
Repeat Step 3 to Step 4 to add multiple gesture samples.
You can use the checkbox for each gesture in the Gestures pane to select the icon to be displayed for this action in the help for the customised gestures. If you select multiple checkboxes, the gesture that you select first is displayed as the gesture icon and the rest of the gestures are displayed in the Gesture Details section.