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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of AND gateways

Defining properties of AND gateways

You can use an AND gateway () to connect multiple worksteps to one successor workstep, or a single predecessor workstep to multiple successor worksteps. The successor workstep is activated only if all the predecessor worksteps are completed. This feature enables you to synchronize the completion of multiple predecessor worksteps. When an AND gateway has multiple incoming connectors, it must have a single outgoing connector: in this case, the AND Gateway acts as an And-Join. When an AND Gateway has a single incoming connector, it can have multiple outgoing connectors: in this case, the AND Gateway acts as an And Fork (or Split). These variations in incoming and outgoing connectors for AND gateways are illustrated in Figure 8.
Click the AND gateway to view its properties in the Properties view, which is similar in functionality to that of the Or-Join gateway.
Note: The AND gateway is supported only in Business Processes.