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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining workstep presentation format : Defining workstep presentation for Business Processes : Defining Other presentation

Defining Other presentation

You can define an activity workstep (in a Business Process) with presentation type as Other to complete the activity using a device other then the defined presentation types such as Portal, Mobile, GUI, or Tablet.
To define a Tablet presentation for an activity workstep:
1. Select an activity workstep in a Business Process for which you want to define the presentation type as Other.
2. From the Properties view, click the General tab to view the Presentation section.
3. Click Add to open the Add Presentation dialog box.
4. Select Other from the Type drop-down list.
5. Specify the filename in the Other text field.
Alternatively, you can map workstep with Other presentation format to CHARACTER dataslot to dynamically associate the workstep with a file. You need to set the initial value of the CHARACTER dataslot to a valid file that you want to use to complete the activity.
a. Click the ellipsis button beside the URL text field.
b. Select Use a dataslot to open the Add Dataslots dialog box.
c. Select a CHARACTER dataslot to be mapped to the workstep presentation.
d. Click OK to add the dataslot and then close the Add Dataslots dialog box.
6. Click OK to add the Other presentation format for the activity workstep.
Note: You cannot add the same presentation type twice to one activity workstep. If you do, an error message appears stating that the Presentation Type already exists. Do you want to override?. Click OK to override the presentation type.
The Other presentation format is mapped to the selected activity workstep. The defined Other presentation type is displayed in the Presentation section.
Note: You can add multiple presentation types such as Portal, Mobile, GUI, and Tablet to a single activity workstep. This enables you to complete an activity from a browser, a Mobile device, a GUI for .NET application, or a Tablet device.