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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Developing BPM projects : Creating a BPM project : Using common resources : Creating Common Resources
Creating Common Resources
You can use the BPM Project wizard to create Common Resources.
To define Common Resources:
Note: See Chapter 8 in the Tutorial Guide to review the FormsDemoCommon (a BPM Project with common resources) and the FormsDemo sample application that together demonstrate the use of Business Objects in an application. For a more general overview, see Chapter 5: Developing Business Objects in the Application Developer’s Guide.
1. From the first page of the BPM Project wizard, select Common Resources from the Process type configuration drop-down list.
2. Click Next to edit (if required) the Common Resource name. By default, the Common Resource name is the same as that of the BPM project.
3. Click Next to open the Add Common Resources module to Business Process Server(s) page of the BPM Project wizard.
If you want to publish the BPM Project (with common resources) as a module on any connected Business Process Server from the Servers view, select the server (if defined) from the Available Business Process server(s) section. This step is optional. Depending on the application requirement, select one of the following adapter types from the Adapter Type section:
*BP Server Adapter: to publish the adapter files in Common resources to OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\common\lib folder, for use in Business Process.
*Web Application Adapter: to publish the adapter files in Common resources to <App_Server>\WEB-INF\lib folder, for use in Web applications.
4. Click Finish to complete the creation of Common Resources.
Your BPM Project (with common resources) appears in the Project Explorer view in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge user interface.