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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Working with User Management tool : Managing nodes : Managing groups : Adding group members
Adding group members
You can use the Group Members section to add group members that can include individual users and other groups.
To add and configure a group member:
1. Click Add to open the Select Members dialog box, which lists all the defined users and groups.
2. Click the member to be added, then click OK to add the member to the list of members.
You can also search for a member using the Search box. To remove a member from the member list, select the user and click Remove.
3. You can also specify a role (optional) for the group member.
a. Select the added member, then click Role, opening the Select Role dialog box.
b. Select an existing role from the drop-down list provided or enter a new role.
c. Click OK to define the role for the group member.