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Server Administrator's Guide
Business Process Server web security : Configuring web security : XSS configuration for web security : XSS config new handler configuration
XSS config new handler configuration
The default configuration property is websecurity.xss.handler.defaultconfig=default.
To define a new handler configuration:
1. Prefix all the properties to the handler configuration with websecurity.xss.handler.config.<configname>.propertyName=propertyValue.
2. Each handler configuration must have the following two entries.
a. websecurity.xss.handler.config.default.handlerfactory
This property contains the name of the implementation class for com.savvion.sbm.websecurity.xss.api.IXSSHandlerFactory interface.
b. websecurity.xss.handler.config.default.configfile
This property contains the name of the config file. The configured file must be in the classpath.
The default configuration file with the name bmxssconfig.xml is available under OEBPS_HOME/conf directory.