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Server Administrator's Guide
Using the Database Configuration Tool : Reverting to the old Database

Reverting to the old Database

The Database Configuration Tool retains the original configuration files and also the subsequent ones, even after multiple runs of the this tool, since every time the file is backed up with a unique name by appending the suffix "_<timestamp>" to the file name, where the <timestamp> is the current time in long number format. In case of JBoss application server, the Database Configuration Tool changes the datasource configuration file name as follows:
Original Filename — <datasource_file>-ds.xml
Backed up Filename — <datasource_file>-<timestamp>.xml.orig
In case you need to revert to your original setting, follow these instructions.
1. Stop all the servers.
2. Rename the following files to their original names:
*OEBPS_HOME/conf/oebpsdb.properties_<timestamp> to
*OEBPS_HOME/conf/oebps.conf_<timestamp>, if exists, to oebps.conf
*OEBPS_HOME/adapters/db/conf/db.properties_<timestamp> to
3. For JBoss and Embedded JBoss, rename the <datasource_file>-<timestamp>.xml.orig files to <datasource_file>-ds.xml in the following directories:
4. In the case of Enterprise JBoss 5.1.1 application server:
a. Delete the bm-<current_databasename>-persistence-service.xml file from the JBOSS_HOME/server/ejbServer/deploy/bmjms folder.
b. Copy the target database file from the OEBPS_HOME/jboss/jms/<TARGET_DATABASE> folder to the JBOSS_HOME/server/ejbServer/deploy/bmjms directory, wherein TARGET_DATABASE is the original database.