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Server Administrator's Guide
Using the Archiver : Data handlers : Data extractor handler : ProcessDataExtractor: Extracting entire data
ProcessDataExtractor: Extracting entire data
The ProcessDataExtractor for extracting entire data extracts the entire data for all the qualified process instances or events. It is recommended to use the extractor in combination with ProcessDataFileWriter, which is configured to copy data to any target file in XML format.
The extracted data is temporarily stored in value Objects.
*ProcessInstance value object, which stores the process instance graph of a single process instance, is composed of the following value Objects:
*Map containing data fields.
*Event value object, which stores the contents of a single event. In some cases, this value object may become part of composition of ProcessInstance value object.
The ProcessInstance value object is created from the following database tables.
*DataFields or Dataslots (instance values only, no global values)
The Event value object is created by selecting data from BIZEVENT table.