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Server Administrator's Guide
Using the Archiver : Archiver configuration

Archiver configuration

Archiver can be configured to invoke handlers in a specified order. A sample archiver configuration file is shown below.


        <EventPublisher running="false"/>
        <BPM Events running="false"/>
        <DataExtractor order="1" maxRows="100" dbStore="BMDatabaseStore" >
        <DataFileWriter order="4" fileStore="FileStore">
        <DataPurger order="5" dbStore="BMDatabaseStore">
    <!-- The FileStore used by Writer to store data in XML format -->
    <FileStore name="FileStore">
        <Property name="fileNamePrefix" value="ProcessData"/>
        <Property name="location" value="D:\swinstall\oebps\bm71pro10g\archiver\archivedata"/>
   <!-- To be used when executed within the container -->
    <DBStore name="DataSourceStore" type="DataSource">
        <Property name="datasource" value="jdbc/SBMCommonDB"/>
    <!-- Direct DBStore used to point to BP Server database -->
    <DBStore name="BMDatabaseStore" type="Direct" useBMStore="true">
You can find the following sample archiver configuration files in the OEBPS_HOME\archiver\samples directory.
* BMServers tag
* DataHandlers tag
* FileStore and DBStore tags