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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Managing your calendar : Viewing your calendar

Viewing your calendar

You can view your selected calendar in the Calendar View page.
To view your calendar:
1. Click Preferences > Calendar.
The Calendar page appears.
This page displays the calendar details for the current month and year. The calendar displays the weekend dates in grey and the holidays (if any) for the selected month in purple.
2. Select the Month and Year from the respective drop-down lists.
The calendar for the selected month and year is displayed with weekends and holidays (if any).
The Holidays for the Selected Year table lists all the holidays in the chronological order. You can click the date of a holiday to display the calendar of the month in which that holiday falls.
3. Click the Calendar Details link to go to the Calendar Details page. From this page, you can edit the calendar properties as described in From the Calendar Details page.
4. Click the Calendar List link to go to the Calendar List page. You can now select another calendar from a list of calendars available in the system.
Note: When you go to the Calendar List page, the default settings of your calendar are restored.