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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing your Tasks : Managing assigned tasks : Collaborating tasks : View collaboration status
View collaboration status
You can view the status of the collaborative tasks, which you have created for this workstep, including those that have been completed.
To view the collaboration status, click View Collaboration in the Task Details page. The View Collaboration page appears with a list of associated collaborative tasks created by you.
Table 9. Collaborative task list information
Instance Name
The specific instance of the application to which the collaborative task belongs.
The name of the current active task assigned to you.
Collaborative Task
The name of the collaborative task
The priority of the collaborative task: Low, Medium, High, or Critical.
The escalation technique used for the task: Notify By Email, Complete Collaborative work item, or Terminate Collaborative work item.
The user name of the collaborator
The status of the collaborative task
Response (if any) from the collaborator
To manage the contents of the list, you can sort the collaborative task list according to any column header except Response. To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about these operations, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
Alternatively, you can view the status of all the collaborative tasks created by you, by clicking the My Collaborations menu. This page displays the list of all the collaborative tasks created by you. This page is the same as the View Collaboration page, and you can perform all the operations as described in the preceding section.
From either of these pages:
1. Click the collaborative task name link in the Collaborative Task column.
The Collaborative Task Details page appears.
Every Collaborative Task Details page displays the Instructions and Response/Notes fields. The remaining fields represent the dataslots added to the parent workstep using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. You can either review or add (or edit) the data in the dataslot fields, depending on whether they are editable or not.
2. Review the instructions you have specified for your collaborator, in the Instructions box. You cannot modify the instructions now.
3. Your collaborator can add his/her response in the Response/Note box.
4. To terminate the current collaborative task, click Terminate.
5. To discard your changes, click Reset.
6. To exit this page, click Cancel.
Note: Alternatively, you can terminate the collaborative task without adding any note. To do so, from the View Collaboration page, select the collaborative task checkbox and click Terminate.