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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Working with My Instances : Printing Tabular view : Viewing workstep status in Flow view : Using Event Playback
Using Event Playback
The Event Playback feature helps you to view the events in the order in which they have occurred.
The event playback helps you to view the events, based on the workstep states. It covers the following workstep states.
Based on the workstep status for each event, it changes the fill colors of the respective worksteps inside the Flow View with a delay of 500 milliseconds.
The Flow View displays the following controls in the Legend Bar to use this feature.
*Previous Step: Click the Previous Step icon () to go back one workstep at a time from the point where the playback was stopped.
*Auto Play: Click the Auto Play icon (), to start the event playback. The events are processed sequentially.
*Stop Auto Play: Click the Stop Auto Play icon () to stop the playback at any point of time.
*Next Step: Click the Next Step icon () to step forward one workstep at a time from the point where the playback was stopped.
How the worksteps changed states is displayed in an animated way in this feature.
The data required for this event playback is taken from BPM Events table. Therefore, you can use this features long as the data in the BPM Events is not archived. If the data has been archived for a particular instance, then it displays an appropriate message.
Note: The Event Playback feature is available only in the Flow View and not in the Heatmap.