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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing your Tasks : Managing assigned tasks : Skipping tasks

Skipping tasks

You can skip an assigned task, if you do not want to perform the task. This feature is available, only if the Skippable option is enabled for the corresponding workstep in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For details, refer to the "Defining Properties for Activity Workstep" section of the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio..
Note: Once you skip the task, the next task in the current process is activated.
To skip a task:
1. In the Task List page, click the task name link in the Task column.
The Task Details page is displayed.
2. Review the provided task details.
You need not enter (or modify) any values on this page, as these updates are not available, once you skip the task.
3. Click Skip.
The task is removed from your Task List.
Note: When a skippable task is assigned to a group with the All option, any (or all) the group members can choose to either skip or complete the task.