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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Using Dashboards : Managing your dashboard : Accessing the dashboard

Accessing the dashboard

To access the Dashboard:
*Click the Dashboard menu. The Dashboard page appears.
*You can use the edit icon () next to the Dashboard name to modify the dashboard.
*The widget tools will only appear on the widget header when the mouse pointer is above the respective widget.
*The Graphical widgets expand or shrink to contain in the available space without scroll bars
*In widgets having search criteria, a line separation has been provided to align search button from rest of the fields.
*In graphical widgets, a new configure tool has been added to the widget header. When user click on this tool, the menu to change the type and width of chart is displayed.
*In graphical widgets, functionality is provided to change to different charts based on the configuration of the widget. A sub-menu containing a list of supported charts for a graphical widget is displayed when user click on configure tool -> Types. User can select the desired chart from the menu and the graphical widget displays the selected chart. The chart re-configuration is done at HTML-JS layer at the client side and no server call made.  The information of changed chart is not stored in memory. So when user refresh or moves out of the page, the graphical widget switches back to the original configured chart. The functionality like drill down may not be available in the changed charts in some cases. User has to switch back to the original chart to get that functionality.
*In graphical widgets, functionality is provided to change the width of the charts. The user can enter the width in the text box given in the width menu (configure tool -> width). Press enter key make the change to effect. A menu option is given to restore the width to default. The width will be restored to default when user refresh or move out the page. The minimum value of the width is calculated based on the column width of the dashboard layout.  The user cannot enter a value less than the minimum width. The maximum width is configurable in portal configuration file using property ‘bpmportal.widget.chart.maxWidth’ which defaults to 4000.
*Two new layouts have been provided for dashboard - Three columns 25-25-50 and Three Columns 30-30-40. The default layout for performance dashboard has been set to Three Column 25-25-50 layout. The graphical widgets are shown at the left side in two columns and tabular widgets are shown at right side in single column
* Dashboard page
* Refreshing dashboard components