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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Working with My Instances : Printing Tabular view : Viewing workstep status in Flow view : Managing notes
Managing notes
You can add and view notes for the current process instance. Additionally for processes with collaboration support, you can view notes added by task performers, who create collaborative tasks, and by collaborators.
To manage notes:
1. From the View Dataslots page, click Notes.
The Notes window appears with the last added note (if any) in the Latest Note box.
2. You can perform one or more of the following options:
a. To add a note, type your note in the Note box and click Add.
Your note text appears in the Latest Note box, along with your user name and the current date (and time).
b. To view all the notes added for the current process instance, click Show All Notes.
A sample screen is displayed in the following figure, with first added note at the top of the All Notes list and latest note at the bottom list.
All Instance-level notes are marked with the label, "Instance Level Note," whereas workstep-level notes are displayed with the corresponding activity name.
c. Click Hide All Notes to hide all notes.
3. Click Close this Window.