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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Introducing the Management Module : Using the BPM Manage API

Using the BPM Manage API

The BPM Manage API, a public API that provides Management module users with access to data that was previously internal, facilitates the customization of Management features. Business Process Server application developers and customizers no longer need to resort to workarounds and reverse-engineering to create the customized pages that they require – the BPM Manage API now exposes the elements needed to modify the Management module to users’ specifications.
The BPM Manage API also uses HTML templates for each type of element, allowing for different levels of customization within the interface pages for each building block. The API can access the lowest-level types of data available and utilized by the Management module, which prevents one of the primary causes for the workarounds that were necessary for customization in the past. While recognizing the need for low-level support, the BPM Manage API also offers higher-level support that includes packaged data and more complex renderings.
Finally, the BPM Manage API provides a set of features that enables Business Process Portal modules to share a single login command.
* Accessing the BPM Manage API