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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using the Infopad Manager : Modifying Infopad Values

Modifying Infopad Values

To use Infopad Manager to modify infopad values:
1. In the Management module, click Infopads to view the Infopads page.
2. Select the application from the Application drop-down list, then select the infopad you want to edit from the Infopad drop-down, and click Go.
Names of the selected Application and Infopad are displayed below the selection bar.
3. In the case of multidimensional infopads, an infopad cell is located in a specific row and column. Specify whether the infopad is to be sliced on row or column by selecting appropriate option. Depending on this selection, select the row/column from the drop-down list and click Go.
After selecting a cell, the slotnames and their values within that cell appear below.
4. Edit the values in the cell by changing the values in the text boxes in the column.
5. Click Save to save your changes. Business Process Portal saves your changes after your confirmation.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset.
Note: For more information on infopads, see the "Infopads" chapter in the BPM Events User’s Guide.