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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Creating and executing reports in Business Process Portal : Creating reports : Creating Infopad reports

Creating Infopad reports

Business Process Server enables you to create a detailed analysis report of an infopad associated with one or more applications.
To create an Infopad report:
1. In the Business Process Portal, select the Management module and then click Reports > My Reports.
The Report List page appears.
2. At the top of the page, select the report type as Infopad Report from the drop-down list and then click Add Report.
The Add Application (Infopad) Report page opens.
3. Provide the following information:
Select an application for which you want to create a report.
Report Name
Specify a name for the report.
Report title
Specify the title that is displayed on the infopad report.
Report description
Specify the description that is displayed on the infopad report.
Select the infopad you want to analyze.
Row and Column
Business Process Server automatically chooses a row and column for the report when you select the infopad, but you can change these default selections.
Slice on
Business Process Server automatically chooses the dataslot displayed in the infopad composer, but you can change the default selection.
Chart type
Choose one: Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Multi-row Bar Chart, Multi-column Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, or Stacked Area Chart.
Pie Chart on
Select Row or Column, when the Pie Chart option was selected in the Chart Type drop-down list.
Default view
Choose one: Table, Graph, Table & Graph, or Excel.
Choose either Horizontal or Vertical. The layout option applies only to Table & Graph views.
Select Yes to view the analysis in 3D charts. The three-dimensional effect does not apply to any area or stacked area chart types.
Business Process Server automatically chooses the numerical value for the row or column when using the pie chart, but you can change the default selection.
Width and Height
Business Process Server automatically chooses the physical size of the infopad report, but you can change the default selection.
To show your data correctly in the selected Chart type, you must define more than one row or column in either the row dimension or the column dimension. To display the Area Chart and Stacked Area Chart types correctly for infopads, make sure that you select an option from the Column drop-down list that contains at least one row and more than one columns.
Note: You can use the Permissions page in the Administration module to control the permissions to multiple infopads. For more information on BPM Events security, see Progress OpenEdge Business Process Server: Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide.
4. Click Preview.. to view the specified settings in the Details tab of the preview window.
Additionally, you can select the Tabular View and Graphical View tabs to verify whether your infopad report presents the data as required or not. Click Close to return to the Add Application (Infopad) Report page.
5. Click:
*Save to save the current report.
*Save & Add New to save the current report and reload the page to allow you to create another report.
*Reset to delete you changes and apply the original settings.
*Cancel to delete your changes and return to the previous page.