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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Migrating instances : Using Business Process Portal interface : Rules and restrictions for mapping : Workstep mapping
Workstep mapping
The following rules and restrictions apply to workstep mapping:
*The default rule is that, a workstep from the source process template can be mapped to another workstep from the target process template only if both are of the same type (for example, Activity to Activity, Subprocess to Subprocess).
*Unmapped worksteps of the source process template are assumed to be removed from the target process template.
*Unmapped worksteps in the target process template are assumed to be newly added worksteps of the target process template.
*No new rollback points can be added in the target process template. The source and target process template should have same number of rollback points. Note that if you add or remove a workstep from the already executed path of the source process instance, then the result of a rollback in the target process instance may not be as expected.