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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing applications : Managing Business Process Server applications : Viewing installed BP Server applications

Viewing installed BP Server applications

To view installed applications:
1. In the Administration module, click Applications > BP Server, to view the BP Server Applications page.
2. Select Installed option to view the installed applications are listed in this page.
3. Optionally, to uninstall, select the Business Process Server applications you need to uninstall from the list, and click Uninstall. The confirmation dialog box appears.
Optionally, you can select Force Uninstall in the confirmation dialog box to remove any active or suspended process instances.
When you uninstall an application, Business Process Server removes the process template and unloads the rules from BPM Workflow. The application specific directory is removed.
4. To refresh an application, click the Refresh icon in the Action column of the application which you want to refresh.
5. To publish an application, click the Publish next to the application. Refer Publishing Business Process Server applications as Web Services for more information.
Business Process Server uninstalls the selected application(s).
Note: If you have OpenEdge database, then it is recommended to have a period of 3 minutes between uninstalling an application and installing an application with the same name again. If the install operation is done within 3 minutes of 'uninstall' operation or if you try to perform reinstall operation from Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, then you may see errors in bpmprocessstore.log file for processing 'P_INSTALLED' event. Please ignore these errors as after few minutes BPM Process Store can recover from such errors.