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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing applications : Versioning of Business Process Server applications

Versioning of Business Process Server applications

You can create a new version of an existing Business Process Server application using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. Versioning is helpful where your existing process template is deprecated, and the modified process template is installed with the same application name. While installing a new version of a process template from the BP Server Applications page in Business Process Portal, you can select the Inherit ACL checkbox to migrate the permissions of the existing process template to the new process template. If a similar change is required again, then you can install another new version, and deprecate all the other versions. Whenever you must work on any deprecated version, you must uninstall the versions created after that. For more information about creating versions, see the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
You can remove the previous version, which is deprecated, only when all the existing instances of the deprecated application are completed. If you remove the latest (active) version, then there will not be any active version. You can manually activate the process template deprecated immediately before the latest version or install a new process template as an active version.
Versioning does not allow you to activate multiple versions simultaneously.
You can view the old versions of Business Process Server applications by selecting the Deprecated option in Business Process Server applications page.
Note: If you try to resume a deprecated application, without uninstalling its previous version, then an exception will be thrown in bpmportal.log file.