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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring Business Process Portal : Troubleshooting Business Process Portal configuration : Troubleshooting the Home module

Troubleshooting the Home module

This section answers the most frequently asked troubleshooting questions about the Home module in the Business Process Portal configuration.

Home module

Table 12. Troubleshooting the Home module
I cannot connect to Home.
Check that the Web server is running properly by typing http://<machine_name>:<webserver_port_number.
I cannot log in to Home.
1. Check if the BP Server is running from the System page.
2. Check if Business Process Server is running.
3. Check whether the bpserver.conf configuration file is using LDAPRealm for authentication or not.
I cannot see my applets when I try to run Business Process Server applications.
Check the version of your browser. The Release Notes contain information concerning the list of supported browsers.
When attempting to log in, I receive the message "Home concurrent user license limit exceeded."
When you install Business Process Server from the Installation CD, you are licensed for 15 concurrent Home sessions. Business Process Server counts each user logged in as using a single license; a user logged in multiple times using the same user name uses the corresponding number of licenses. A license remains in use until the user logs out. If the user forgets to log out, then the session expires after 360 minutes by default, and the license is available for use by someone else. To change the session time, see the next question below.If your organization needs to support a larger number of concurrent users, then contact Progress OpenEdge to add to your existing license. Progress OpenEdge will e-mail you a new binary license file that you can place in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory. Restarting the Apache web server resets the licenses.
How do I adjust the instance display format in Home?
You may adjust the display of process instances in the Home Task list with one of three values: short, extended and tooltip. `Short' presents the basic application template name. `Extended' displays a longer name which includes information about parent applications if they exist. `Tooltip' displays the short name, but provides additional information in pop-up form.To change the instance display format value, open the bpmportal.conf file and find the bpmportal.instance.display.format parameter and indicate short, extended or tooltip.
How do I change the time-out value in my system?
Please refer to your application server documentation.
When attempting to log in, I receive the message "Home license expired."
If you are using an evaluation version of Business Process Server, then contact Progress OpenEdge to upgrade to a full license.
When attempting to log in, I receive the message "Can’t find BP Server."
This happens when the BP Server is down or not responding. Use the System menu in the Administration module to check the status of the Business Process Server.