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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing applications : Suspending and resuming applications

Suspending and resuming applications

You may want to suspend an application if, for example, you are phasing out an outdated application, Application1, and installing a new application, Application2. By suspending Application1, you enable its existing process instances to remain for users to complete uninterrupted, while only new process instances may be started in Applications2. You may also resume a suspended application if, for example, you made changes to the template of Application1 and you would like to resume the application.
You may also suspend and resume applications (also referred to as process templates) in BP Server Admin. Refer to the BP Server Developer’s Guide for a description of these BP Server commands.
Note: You can suspend and resume installed applications only.
* Suspending installed Business Process Server applications
* Resuming suspended applications
* Publishing Business Process Server applications as Web Services
* Unpublishing Business Process Server application Web Services