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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring Business Process Server : SSL security for Business Process Portal modules : SSL security Features

SSL security Features

SSL security is common for Business Process Portal modules accessible through the Web, such as Home, Management, and Administration.

Safeguarding features

To guard against the previously listed threats, SSL protocol provides several safeguarding features:
*Confidentiality. Guaranteed through encryption, the process of disguising information so that it can't be deciphered by anyone but the intended recipient.
*Integrity. Ensured through encryption.
*Authentication. Provided through digital authenticity certificates, which are very difficult to falsify.
The Business Process Portal modules support a secure connection for users who request it. If the user connects to Business Process Server by typing the URLs, then SSL protocol provides security which is embedded in the Web server at the URL level. For example, enter:
Instead of: http://<hostName>:<portNumber>
In general, the Business Process Server menu provides the right link whether the connection is secure or not.
Note: SSL availability depends on the application server.
You must configure your application server to avail its SSL security features. The exact procedure to configure it varies from server to server. Please refer to your application server documentation for this procedure.