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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing work item queues : Managing work item queues : Displaying work item queues : Queue List page
Queue List page
The Queue List page displays information about the work item queues. By default, it does not display any work item queue. You will have to search for the queue(s) using the Search Bar. Searching for queues is similar to searching for users. For more details about this, see Searching Users. It lists the queues satisfying your search criteria and the following information about each queue:
Table 46. My application list information
Queue Name
The name of the work item queue.
The description of the work item queue.
The user(s) and group(s) that are members of the work item queue.
To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about these operations, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
From the Queue List page, you can perform the following operations:
*Creating work item queues.
*View/modify work item queue details.
*View/modify work item queue members.
*Delete a work item queue.
These operations are explained further in this chapter in the following sections.