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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Getting started : Exploring Business Process Portal : Navigating through the list

Navigating through the list

The paging controls allow you to navigate through pages of the current list. These controls are located immediately above and below the list.
The number of items to be displayed per page is specified by the Business Process Server administrator in the Administration module. If the total number of items cannot be displayed in a page, then the exceeded items are displayed on the subsequent pages.
Navigating through the pages in the Home Module:
*First Page control displays the first page
*Previous Page control displays the previous page
*Next Page displays the next page
*Last Page displays the last page
*Page text box allows you to specify a page number and directly displays the page on pressing the Enter key.
You can click the Refresh control to reload the current page.
The top right corner of the list shows the item numbers displayed on the current page out of the total number of items.
The paging controls in the Management and Administration modules are different. If the number of pages are 10 or less, then all page numbers up to the last page are displayed below the list.
Navigating through the pages in Management and Administration modules:
*You can click a page number to display the corresponding page.
*If the number of pages is more than 10, then, click
*Next> helps to access the set of next 10 pages.
*<Previous helps to access the set of previous 10 pages.
*The total at the far right of the paging controls represents the total number of items in the list across all pages.