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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing users : Configuring user management : Using the LDAP realm : Modifying LDAP realm configuration
Modifying LDAP realm configuration
To modify the LDAP realm configuration values, modify the following parameters in umacl.conf file located at OEBPS_HOME\conf folder. The parameters are listed in the following table:
Table 36. OEBPS LDAP configuration parameters
Provide the LDAP server provider name. If you use Active Directory, then set this parameter to "MSActive." If you use Sun Java System Directory, then set this parameter to "Netscape."
Note: Using the "Netscape" value requires you to set the User Manager parameter to ""
This parameter specifies the location of the LDAP server.
This is an optional parameter. This specifies whether the LDAP connection is based on SSL or not. The default value for this parameter is blank.
A proper account is usually required to access the LDAP server. For example, a user account may be: uid=admin, ou=people, o=progress, dc=com for the Sun Java System Directory server, and cn=admin, ou=users, dc=progress, dc=com for the Active Directory server. The LDAP server may be configured in a way that anonymous users can read information from the LDAPserver. In this case, these two parameters may be left blank. For more information, refer to your LDAP server documentation.
These two parameters specify in umacl.conf where the "User" and "Group" objects are stored in a Directory Information Tree (DIT). Business Process Server searches only the "User" objects within the subtree "" and "Group" objects within the subtree "" You may set these two parameters to the root of the whole DIT or to a very low-level node. The lower the node you set, the more efficient the search is. You may also set multiple values for these parameters separated by a "|." For example, ou=groups,|ou=depts,