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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing groups : Managing favorites : Displaying list of favorites

Displaying list of favorites

You can view the list of all current favorite links in the Favorites page.
To view the Favorites page, in the Administration module, click User Management > Favorites.
By default, the Favorites page displays the following information about each favorites link:
Table 45. Favorites list information
The name of the link.
The list of groups that can access this link.
The URL of the link.
The language used for the content of the link.
To manage the contents of the list, you can sort them using the name. To sort the list, click the drop-down list beside the Name column header, and select Ascending or Descending.
To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls shown below the table.
From the Favorites page, you can:
*Add Favorite links.
*View/modify link details.
*Delete a link.
Note: The user has to re-login to reflect the changes because of addition, modification and deletion in the favorite links.
These operations are explained further in this chapter in the following sections.