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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with dashboards : Displaying all dashboards

Displaying all dashboards

You can view a list of all the existing dashboards using the Dashboard List page. In the Administration module, click System > Dashboards to view the Dashboard List page.
The Dashboard List page lists all the existing dashboards and displays the following information about each dashboard:
Table 25. Dashboard list information
Dashboard Name
The name of the dashboard.
The description of the dashboard.
Click the checkbox in this column to publish the dashboard.
Default Selection
Indicates whether the current dashboard is set as the default dashboard or not.
To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about this operation, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
From the Dashboard List page, you can perform the following operations:
*Defining a new dashboard.
*Copying an existing dashboard.
*Viewing/modifying an existing dashboard’s details.
*Publishing a dashboard.
*Setting a default dashboard for all users/groups.
*Deleting a dashboard.
These operations are explained further in the following sections of this chapter.
Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 as your browser, then ensure that the "Check for newer versions of stored pages" option in the Temporary Internet file settings is set to "Every time I visit the webpage".