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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing work item queues : Managing work item queues : Deleting work item queues

Deleting work item queues

If you no longer need a particular work item queue, then you can delete it.
To do so, follow these steps:
1. In the Queue List page, select the work item queue that you want to delete.
For more details about this operation, see Selecting and clearing rows. If needed, first search the queues. Searching for queues is similar to searching for users. For more details about this, see Searching Users. It lists the queues satisfying your search criteria.
2. Click Delete.
*A queue having workitems available to queue members cannot be deleted.
*A queue cannot be deleted even if the workitem available to the queue members is reassigned to another user. This is because the queue is the actual owner of the workstep instance. Only when the workstep instance is completed ,then you can delete the queue.
Business Process Server deletes the selected work item queue and it is removed from the list.
Note: You can simultaneously delete multiple queues. To do this, in the Queue List page, select multiple queues and then click Delete. Business Process Server deletes all the selected users.