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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Migrating instances : Using Business Process Portal interface : Defining an instance filter

Defining an instance filter

Instance filter helps to filter certain instances and migrate based on those instances.
You can define instance filters to help you list only the instances that satisfy specific condition(s). These instance filters can be created either by defining new ones or by copying an existing one. You can define instance filters from the Instance Filter List. To open this page, follow step 1 and 2 explained in the Defining a migration map, and then click the Instance Filter.
The procedures to add, copy, modify and delete instance filters are same as those followed for task filters.
Important: In Instance migration filter, you can select worksteps as well as dataslots for filtering. Note that, for task filters you can create only dataslot filters.
For more information about adding, modifying and deleting task filters, see Chapter 12, Setting Preferences in the Business Process Portal User’s Guide.
Note: The current version of Business Process Server does not support filtering of suspended workstep(s).