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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with dashboards : Setting a default dashboard : Dashboard precedence

Dashboard precedence

As a Business Process Server administrator, you can specify a particular dashboard as the system-level default dashboard for all users and groups. You can also assign dashboards to users and groups individually.
If no dashboard is assigned to a user, then the dashboard assigned to that user’s group gets assigned to him/her. If no dashboard is assigned to a user and his/her group, then the system-level dashboard (defined for all users) gets assigned to him/her.
If you do not define any dashboard, then an out-of-the-box dashboard (bundled with Business Process Server) becomes the system-level default dashboard. The order of precedence of dashboard is as follows:
Table 27. Dashboard precedence
Dashboard type
Defined by ...
Dashboard assigned to you
Business Process Server administrator
Dashboard assigned to your group
Business Process Server administrator
System-level dashboard for all users
Business Process Server administrator
Out-of-box dashboard with default components
Business Process Server