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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with dashboards : Configuring dashboard : Configuring auto-refresh for the widgets

Configuring auto-refresh for the widgets

Configuring auto-refresh for widgets helps to automatically refresh the dashboard content after specified time.
To configure this feature you must update bpmportal.conf file. This file is located at <OEBPS_HOME>/conf folder.
The properties listed in the following table are required to configure auto-refresh for widgets:
Table 26. Configuring auto-refresh for widgets
Possible values
If set to true, it refreshes the dashboard widget after the specified refresh interval.
True, False Default - True
Refreshes the widget automatically after the specified interval provided. Auto-refresh should be enabled for this.
Specify the value in seconds.Default - 600 secs.
Specify the target widget for which you must enable auto-refresh.
* Enabling auto refresh
* Setting target