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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing event channels : Managing event channels : Adding event channels

Adding event channels

You can create an event channel using the Add Channel page.
To create an event channel:
1. In the Event Channel Configuration page, click Add Channel.
The Add Channel page appears.
2. Specify requisite details in appropriate fields.
You must enter the name of the queue or topic set up on your server as the channel name. The fields marked with a red asterix are required fields.
Optionally, you can also specify a filter condition that can be applied to the messages sent to the queue or topic in the Filter Condition section.
a. Specify the filter type in the Type text box.
b. Specify the BP Server Event Value in the Value text box. Alternatively, click Add beside this text box, select the event value(s) in the BPServer Event Values window that opens, and then click Submit.
Your selected values are added in the text box.
c. Specify the process template and workstep template names in appropriate boxes.
d. In the Context panel, click Add to open the Add Context window. Enter the context name beginning with "CTX." and value in appropriate boxes, and then click Save.
The context name and value is added in the Context table. To remove it from the table, select its checkbox in the first column, and then click Delete.
3. Click Save to add the new event channel and go back to the previous page.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current page, click Cancel.