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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Introducing the Administration module : Single sign-on in Business Process Portal : Accessing Administration module

Accessing Administration module

After starting the servers, you can log into Business Process Portal. For more details, see Logging in to Business Process Portal.
To access Administration module:
1. Click the Administration tab .
Business Process Server automatically authenticates your user name and password and displays the System Status page, as shown in Starting Business Process Servers from Administration.
2. Click the View System Status Details link to view the details of each server.
Note: Business Process Server’s Access Control Management feature displays an error message, if you were not granted permission to use this or any other module.
To access features in the Administration module, use appropriate module menus.
To access other Business Process Server modules that are available to you, click a module tab to display a range of menus under that tab. Click a menu and select a submenu item to open the feature.
Note: Once you log in to Business Process Portal, no further authentication is required when you click a new module.